Follow my leader..?

It is hard to find good role models in business. Sooner or later the great and the good fall from their pedestals and the impact on those who have sought to emulate their heroes can be disastrous. Emulating someone else’s approach is often a short-term solution to the age-old (and now obsolete) question about management… Read More

Pragmatic management = transferable skills

Management isn’t a promotion; its a profession. Recognising this leads to acknowledgement that (proven) management skills and experience are transferable rather than confined to sector-specific recruitment. Of course, some sectors do require very specific knowledge, experience or qualification but, in the majority of cases, expertise, attitude and achievement provide a better indication of potential value…. Read More

Customer Experience: Missing a Trick?

The majority of customer experience (or ‘CX’) agencies focussed on solving business problems are only doing half the job. Quite rightly, they pay attention to customer needs and preferences when trying to design positive interactions, with online experience at the forefront of their thinking. Unfortunately they overlook two key factors: Customers experience services over time… Read More

The Candidate

The recruitment industry has a problem. It has a bad name amongst candidates. Over the past ten years or so there has been a shift away from what was perceived to be a personal service towards an on-line keyword-led transaction.  Automation may have been necessary, even desirable in many cases, but a lack of focus… Read More

Upsetting the Apple Cart

Waitrose in Bath is under fire, not because of a lack of quality, value and choice in their product range but because regular shoppers seeking to take advantage of a ‘free coffee’ offer are obliged to queue behind locally-based vagrants who enjoy the same benefit without actually buying anything. Add to this a generally poor… Read More

Social Media: Opinions are like….

Social media, whether ‘open’ or in the form of, for example, a LinkedIn ‘Group’, can be fun, useful or even valuable. It can generate interest, dialogue, debate or disbelief in equal measure. Occasionally, it can provide the catalyst for positive action. The downside can be that everyone feels their opinion to be important. This may… Read More

Customer Effort: Back by Popular Demand

Regular visitors to our site will know that we’ve been talking about customer effort for a while, quite often to the unconverted, so we were pleased to read ‘Stop Trying to Delight Your Customers’, an article by Matthew Dixon, Lara Ponomareff and Anastasia Milgramm published in the Harvard Business Review in 2010. Academics catching up… Read More