5 reasons you should map your customer journey even if you’re not ready yet to start a full-blown CX transformation programme

All the companies we work with aspire to transform their customers’ end-to-end journey but many are a long way from securing the resources they will need to deliver a large scale CX transformation programme.   In this position is it worth mapping the customer journey? Journey mapping is undoubtedly the best way to identify and… Read More

CJC selected to work with BiGDUG

Customer Journey Consultancy are delighted to be working with the lovely team at online retailer BiGDUG who provide storage solutions that bring order to garages, offices, vans and warehouses everywhere. On a personal note I, like hundreds of thousands of other UK Dads living in the warm, chaotic embrace of domestic mayhem, am a grateful… Read More

A thousand cuts

This is how an OK journey design ends up as a trains wreck.  Getting from Penn Station to JFK: At Penn Station: Passenger “Can I get to JFK from here?”   Ticket Office: “Yes trains take 20 minutes and leaves every 15.  It costs$4.19.” On the platform: Passenger: “Does this train go to JFK?”  Fellow… Read More

HomeServe appoint CJC

HomeServe, the home emergency repairs business has transformed itself since the dark days of 2011 when poor practice eventually led to the largest retail fine ever handed down by the FCA.   Since then it has set itself the target of becoming the ‘number one home assistance company providing effortless customer service by 2020’.  It has made… Read More

2nd CX Best Practice Exchange

The 6 greatest challenges Waitrose, SKY, BP, Three and others face when delivering integrated customer experiences in a multi-channel world (The chances are that your company is facing many, if not all of the same challenges.) At the end of September 2016 we ran our second CX Best Practice Exchange, this time with Google and… Read More

The impact of Brexit

As the Brexit vote unfolded we spent two fascinating days helping the senior management team of one of the UK’s largest travel companies understand how it could use customer journey mapping techniques to improve business performance. Although our work was unrelated to Brexit it was fascinating to hear their personal and business views as the result unfolded…. Read More