A guide to customer journey mapping

Your free guide to Customer Journey Mapping
Your free Guide to Customer Journey Mapping

What is customer journey mapping and how can it improve profitability?

We have just launched our all NEW, updated Guide to Customer Journey Mapping.  Please download it here.

Customer Journey Mapping is a very powerful but frequently misunderstood and misused technique.  Used properly it can help companies understand multi-channel experiences and to drive cross-functional change.Download your Guide to Customer Journey MappingWhile improving soft metrics  such as Customer Satisfaction, Net Promoter and Customer Effort scores are laudable, alone these are not enough to successfully compete for funding or resource. Customer Journey Mapping can deliver bottom line benefits as well as these softer metrics. It can:

  • Increase lifetime value
  • Increase order value
  • Increase conversion
  • Reduce the cost to serve
  • Increase leads

In our free 8 page Guide we:

  • Explain how to set up your Customer Journey Mapping project for success
  • Describe four different types of Journey Map and their uses
  • Detail how they can drive bottom line benefits
  • Describe the techniques you will need to use to build maps
  • And explore the importance of creating project plans that combine quick-wins and not-so-quick-wins.

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