Upsetting the Apple Cart

Waitrose in Bath is under fire, not because of a lack of quality, value and choice in their product range but because regular shoppers seeking to take advantage of a ‘free coffee’ offer are obliged to queue behind locally-based vagrants who enjoy the same benefit without actually buying anything. Add to this a generally poor… Read More

Who knows everything?

There’s a long-standing joke about consultants borrowing your watch and then charging you to tell you the time. In the past, this was a reasonable observation and a passable business joke! However, things have changed. Consultants today have to deliver clear business benefit and be seen to deliver it. The ‘hit and run’ is no… Read More

Why SMEs should embrace customer journey.

Whether they subscribe only to the rhetoric or actually pick up and apply the concepts, large organisations can usually recognise the relevance of customer journey to their activity. Scale and presence bring the need to explore new ways to gain competitive advantage and to reassure shareholders that the business is engaged in continuous improvement. For… Read More