CX maturity audit

Consistently improving customer’s end-to-end journeys is tough.  It requires the right capabilities, structure and culture. A detailed CX maturity audit is a health check to inform organisational development plans.

Beginner or expert
Beginner or expert? What capabilities does your organisation need to hone to be more customer centric?

The ability to change customer journeys to better meet customers’ needs (being customer centric) requires a number of pre-conditions:

  • A compelling and relevant customer purpose and strategy and a clear understanding of how this will translate into shareholder value
  • A culture that values customer experience championed by leaders who inspire and support staff who are enabled and personally motivated to deliver the strategy
  • Measurement and control structures in place to enable the speed and direction of a programme of change to be managed
  • Tools, skills and manpower to translate strategy into detailed service design and operational delivery
  • The organisation to understand the size of the gap between the current and desired customer experience as well as the risks of failure

A maturity audit provides a structured approach to the review of an organisation’s capability to achieve its CX ambition and reap the business benefits.  This systematic approach ensures the required structures, culture and capabilities are each evaluated and given due weight.

It enables us to develop a CX strategy and roadmap outlining what changes to each of these dimensions will be required to give the business the best chance of success. It is a structured qualitative review informed by academic research and our own work with public and private sector organisations.

The 5 pillars of CX capability

CX Purpose and strategy. The extent to which the current Purpose and strategy of the organisation supports a sustained customer centric approach

People and Culture. Whether teams effectively collaborate and the extent to which your people are highly motivated to deliver exceptional customer experiences that improve conversion, recommendation and renewal.

Measurement and governance. Does the organisation have effective measurements in place to determine the cause/effect of activities and improvements?  Does it have the governance structures in place to ensure consistent delivery and improvement across all touchpoints?

Capability and capacity for CX change. What is the capability of the organisation to provide thought leadership, to effectively apply CX tools and processes and to translate high level CX plans into detailed service design and operational delivery?  What is the capacity within the organisation to implement a change programme to consistently meet rising customer expectations?

CX Delivery.  What is the current and target customer experie3nce.  What is the scale of change required to consistently deliver the future state ambition?  Does the organisation understand the scale of the challenge and the opportunity it faces and are the risks of failure understood and mitigated?

Typical findings from a CX Maturity Audit