Social Media: Opinions are like….

Social media, whether ‘open’ or in the form of, for example, a LinkedIn ‘Group’, can be fun, useful or even valuable. It can generate interest, dialogue, debate or disbelief in equal measure. Occasionally, it can provide the catalyst for positive action. The downside can be that everyone feels their opinion to be important. This may… Read More

Customer Effort: Back by Popular Demand

Regular visitors to our site will know that we’ve been talking about customer effort for a while, quite often to the unconverted, so we were pleased to read ‘Stop Trying to Delight Your Customers’, an article by Matthew Dixon, Lara Ponomareff and Anastasia Milgramm published in the Harvard Business Review in 2010. Academics catching up… Read More

Service Strategy – Do You Have One?

Most organisations create a strategy combining a direction for their activities and a business plan to guide delivery of their objectives. Typically, the overall strategy document contains functional detail in the form of a Marketing Strategy, Sales Strategy and IT Strategy. Also typically, the piece that is missing is the Customer Strategy or Service Strategy,… Read More