Claire, Retail and Mystery Shopping

Claire is a retail and Mystery Shopping expert
Claire is a retail and Mystery Shopping expert

Claire has a wealth of retail experience having spent nine years with Sainsbury’s becoming Trading and Retail Business Development Manager for Fresh Produce.

There she was responsible for fresh produce operations at Sainsbury’s and was the key link between Head Office and Store colleagues. Over 700 Produce Managers in the field had dotted line reporting to her and she devised and managed training programmes for the 10,000 Produce staff - a project that impacted on store performance and sales volumes. She managed major roadshows for internal and external audiences and represented Sainsbury’s at trade shows, including in the U.S.

As well as working closely with our retail Clients Claire leads our mystery shopping efforts and is a key member of our Client Services team. Before joining Customer Journey Consultancy Claire worked for International Service Check, as an international mystery shopping provider to the retail sector.

Claire is adept at managing senior executives having work with organisations including Buckingham Palace, United Nations, World Bank, Norwegian and Chinese government bodies, religious leaders, and environmental charities including the World Wildlife Fund. Claire regularly hosts retail tours with Clients from all over the world.