Hugh, Web Analytics

Hugh helps our Clients use web analytics to understand and improve customers’ online journey
Hugh helps our Clients use web analytics to understand and improve customers’ online journey

Hugh is our web Analytics specialist helping Clients understand their customers' online journeys to drive practical change.

Working with Hugh has always been an eye opening experience… and a pleasure. What you quickly realise working with him is that this is no standard digital ‘analytics’ delivery. Yes, he can ‘drive’ Google Analytics, but what impresses most is his ability to formulate the right questions to ask to make the metrics work.

…. I don’t (and have never) hesitated to recommend his work to anyone who really values insightful analysis about real people and what their online actions mean.

Clare O’Brien Owner, Web Words Working

Hugh has worked in digital communications since 1994. He started in Agencies working as Head of Online Planning at Manning Gottlieb OMD and as senior analyst at Logan Tod now part of PwC.

Since 2007 Hugh has worked as a web analyst, he specialises in Google Analytics but also has experience of Omniture and other platforms. Through Hugh we provide four core activities:

  1. Web analytics setup and configuration to deliver the best possible output based on pre identified stakeholder requirements
  2. Full “deep dive” analysis plus recommendations for performance improvement.
  3. Ongoing analysis support (working as an outsourced team member) to deliver regular reporting and performance insight also coupled with recommendations for performance optimisation where relevant.
  4. Implementation of recommendations via A/B and multivariate testing strategies to deliver on the data driven recommendations.

Hugh has delivered on all these services with demonstrable results. His personal ethos in relation to web analytics is that there is no value in data for data’s sake; every metric needs to have a role enabling rigorous analytical output consistent with a company’s capacity to implement change.