Call Diagnostics

Clear, unambiguous analysis of contact centre performance and the customer experience through this channel is notoriously hard to come by; particularly for those who outsource their contact centre.

Here are what some companies have said:

The largest companies struggle with Contact Centre reporting
Even large Contact Centres struggle to get clear, unambiguous reporting, particularly where they are outsourced

However the rewards from solving this problem can be huge:

  • Vodaphone said “Call diagnostics helped us reduce the cost per call by 43%”
  • Endsleigh reported an increase in “Gross Written Premiums of £1.2M with no additional headcount”
  • And BBC TV Licensing were able to identify the reasons causing repeat calls and identify that “41% of all repeat contact was avoidable.”

That is why we developed our low cost and quick Call Diagnostic. For a one off fee of £2,750 + VAT we will monitor all calls to your top three inbound lines for two weeks and produce:

    • An independent audit of call volumes
    • Level of repeat calls
      • % of calls from the same customer
      • Calls per customer
      • Calls to your advertised customer lines coming from suppliers and internally
      • Time between repeat calls
    • Contact centre bottle necks
    • Out of hours calls
      • Volume of engaged and unanswered calls
      • Lost customers
    • IVR drop out points and volumes
    • Volume of short (unproductive) calls

Here are some typical findings generated by Call Diagnostics:

Our data comes direct  from the telephone network not the Contact Centre (ACD).  This means we report calls you often can’t see such as engaged calls, out of hours calls and calls abandoned in the IVR.

Do you see 100% of calls in your Contact Centre reports?
Most Contact Centres under-report calls by some 12% on average

On average about a quarter of all calls are repeat calls with some customers phoning 7 times or more to resolve an issue. We report repeat calls highlighting an important source of poor customer experience that creates higher costs and lower sales.

About 25% of all calls are repeat calls highlight poor customer experience
On average about 25% of all calls are repeat calls highlight poor customer experience and leading to higher costs and lower sales

Because most call listening is random it tends to under represent  poor customer experiences and be very inefficient. We can go on to provide a list of calls that meet specific criteria.  This allows Clients to quickly hone into specific issues and find out the underlying causes.

Targeted listening allows you to quickly identify the the root cause of problem calls so you can appropriate design changes
Targeted listening allows you to quickly identify the the root cause of problem calls so you can appropriate design changes

Every company needs to understand where customers drop out of their IVR.  Even small changes here can make a big difference as Endsleigh Insurance discovered when reworking their IVR scripts lead to 4% more insurance quotes.

Where do people drop out of the IVR?
Understanding where customers drop out of the IVR is vital for all companies

Our Call Diagnostic drills down into the key drop out hot spots enabling Clients to target resource where it will have the greatest return.

Our Call Diagnostic identifies the key Contact Centre bottle necks and failure points
Our Call Diagnostic drills down highlighting key Contact Centre bottle necks

Implementation is simple and requires no IT resource what so ever.  We can report on non-geographic inbound numbers and the data comes remotely from the telephone network.

All we require from you is the 3 lines you would like to monitor and descriptions and a letter of authority to your Telco provider for data collection.

We then need to know the opening hours for each line.

Our fee includes

    •   Set-up and database build
    •   Test calling and profiling
    •   Diagnostic report package
    •   Presentation of results

Our Call Diagnostic is powered by Rapport a leading provider of tele-analytics data established in 1996 who we have worked with since 2002.

Their technology powers the analysis of many of the UK’s leading agencies and contact centres including: British Gas, TV Licensing, Lloyds TSB, Barclays, Readers Digest, Santander, Thames Water, Carat (Aegis Group plc), and many more.

If you would like to find out more please contact Martin Wright or Stephen Grey on (0845) 83 82 159 or on [email protected]

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