L&Q, the UK’s largest Housing Association had concerns over low Homeowner satisfaction.

Customer Journey Consultancy was retained to understand the issues and design changes to improve satisfaction.


One to one, ethnographic research in resident’s homes helped L&Q understand the differnet relationships and expectations that homeowners and renters have with the organisation.

Customers recognise tha L&Q delivers great quality housing, at great prices and has a real social drive. However there were specific aspects of the service that fell below expectations of some customers.

Focus groups helped us dug deep into experiences and explore a wide range of potential improvements to service delivery.


Internal workshops developed 21 realistic changes to service delivery

Research was able to group these into three key areas that customers wanted to be implemented above all others

Some ideas that were initially expected to provide the solution were quickly discounted saving the organisation significant wasted money and effort.


CJC has been asked to look at how the organisation can change its management and processes to drive significant change. A detailed schedule of work will look at a wide range of issues including, but not limited to:

  • People; clarity over roles and responsibility and staff motivation
  • Process and systems; process mapping, work arounds, cross-function integration
  • Management; monitoring of contractor SLAs, use of available sanctions, clear end-to-end responsibility and performance management
  • Hotspots; resourcing levels, complaint handling, root-cause analysis