Example CX project plans

Indicative timings and costs based on three different scenarios.

Example project plans

We offer a range of services that we always tailor to our clients’ exact needs. Indeed, developing the right plan to suit each organisation’s unique circumstances is a key part of the service we provide. However here are three example project plans with ball-park costs and timing, to help you develop your thinking.

1. Simple – Internal Customer Journey Mapping workshop only

The simplest projects can consist of one key deliverable; an internal workshop facilitated by us.  This will generally map the As Is journey of the most important customer types (personas), identify which touch-points are ‘moments of truth’ and then rates the customer experience.  We then go on to create a high level To Be map and to prioritise the changes that will have the biggest impact for the lowest change effort.

To minimise the time demands on your hard-pressed staff, and to ensure the workshop is productive we normally do some preparatory work with a few key individuals beforehand. This enables us to come to the workshop with an initial customer journey template roughed out.

We design final maps for internal communication, write up the workshop findings and present them to key stakeholders.

Costs would be £6,000 – £12,000 and the project would take 3 – 4 weeks to complete.

2. Full – As above plus; develop personas, qualitative research and CX strategy and roadmap

A more complete programme might add three further elements.

  • First we work with your teams to develop Personas that the mapping will focus on, striking the balance between reflecting the range of different customer needs whilst keeping the project manageable
  • We will then use qualitative research to add richness to our Personas and to identify what customers really do and feel.  This helps us challenge the internal view of the customer journey and to raise the bar.  Research can also be used to explore the attractiveness of potential changes to the journey a company may be considering.
  • And finally, we use the research and Journey Mapping to help us a develop a CX Strategy and Roadmap.  A recommended programme of change that will enable the organisation to manage and deliver and sustain the target business benefits through significantly improved customer journeys.

For a small to medium sized enterprise costs for all elements in sections 1 and 2 above are typically £25,000 – £35,000 and would take 12 – 16 weeks.

3. Complex– As above plus; map multiple journeys, a CX Maturity Audit, CX tracking and MI in place, Governance and virtuous customer journey improvement cycle and work as a part of the change delivery team as customer champion, mentor and critical friend

Companies sometimes want us to take a deeper look at their capacity and capability to deliver customer centric change, to help them establish a CX control and management structure and to support them to deliver change.

A CX Maturity Audit provides a structured review of the organisation’s customer centric capabilities and further inform the CX strategy and roadmap.

Often companies will lack the necessary measures to track if the changes they are making are delivering the results they seek.  We design and deliver insight and service tracking programmes to inform delivery teams and senior management.

We can help organisations pull together Customer journey information to generate insight, identify root causes, generate continuous change and inform governance; a ‘virtuous customer journey improvement cycle’.

And finally, we bolster companies’ change capability.  Members of our team become embedded within the project teams typically helping to mentor CX project managers, ensuring the customer needs and responses to changes stay a central focus and act as critical friend continually striving to raise the bar on customer experiences.

Costs for a programme like this would typically be in the region of £80,000 – £200,000 and last anywhere between 16 and 48 weeks.