Stakeholder engagement worksheet

A powerful but quick exercise that will help you improve Customer Journey project outcomes

When undertaking a new piece of customer journey insight peoples' natural tendency is to reach out to colleagues once they are sure they have something substantial to share and know who is impacted; sadly it’s then too late.  Presenting anyone with evidence of the short comings of their department as a fait accompli and asking them to act is most likely to offend and to create defence and delay.

A better strategy is to engage with ALL potential stakeholders at the outset; get them to buy into the process, including how improvements will be prioritised and delivered.  This means they’ll know what to expect and you’ll know about any red lines or barriers.
We frequently use  a very simple, and quick exercise that will get your team to explore the issue of stakeholder engagement for themselves and to identify who the potential stakeholders are.  This simple exercise helps improved project outcomes.

You can download our worksheet here that will give you everything you need to successfully use this simple exercise in your next CX workshop.

Download your Stakeholder Exercise Worksheet here

The exercise illustrates the importance of winning the hearts and minds of colleagues to build alignment.  After all, customers are the only group who experience the output of the entire organisation and even relatively modest changes to a customer journey can span functions leading to the need to build agreement and collaboration.

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