In-house bespoke Customer Experience training

We help Clients build their internal CX capability.

We help companies to build their own Customer Experience capability in a number of ways including; team structure and design, creating job descriptions, interviewing candidates, mentoring staff and providing formal training.

As well as developing training for our own Clients our team has taught for University of Surrey, Econsultancy and London School of Business.

See our recent blog on remote CX training and the impact Zoom has on the quality of learning.

What makes our courses different?

Our courses are not lead by trainers but by market leading practitioners. People with years of experience in developing and running CX programmes and using (and often developing) techniques to drive successful change within organisations. All have worked in senior Client side roles as well as being successful consultants. Most have also backed up their working experience with high level academic achievements such as an MBA.

What a typical course includes

Our courses all include five elements:

  • Theory. The academic research that underpins Customer Experience practice
  • Case Histories. What other organisations have done, what they learnt and, where confidentiality allows, what they achieved
  • Techniques and ‘How to Guides’. Detailed step-by-step guides to the techniques your team will use in your organisation
  • Hands on practice.  Using challenges your organisation is facing we will get the team to apply what they have learnt to both generate instant results and help them hone their skills
  • A leave behind manual and further reading

Course Prices

Our standard, one-day courses with all of the five elements detailed above cost £2,000 + VAT and travel at cost.

We are happy to further tailor our courses to meet your exact requirements.  Please contact us to discuss.

Our Courses

Customer Journey Mapping

This can be run as a one, or two day course and can, by request include a guest speakers sharing their experiences of Customer Journey Mapping, for example Heathrow recently joined us to speak about how they used Customer Journey Mapping in their ‘Transforming Heathrow through service programme’.

Available for up to 12 delegates this course is a hands-on, head-up workshop where the journey of your own customers is mapped. We use real-world challenges to help delegates get to grips with the techniques involved and to think though how the insights revealed by the mapping can be used to drive change that will measurably improve the customer experience.

Although tailored to your requirements the Agenda typically includes:

  • The business case for Customer Journey Mapping
  • Personas
  • Emotions Vs Customer Effort
  • Planning a mapping project
  • What to map and why
  • Qualitative research, metrics and KPIs to quantify your Customers’ Journey
  • Project planning and delivering change – customer service strategy
  • Communication and colleague engagement

Personas; understand and build your own Personas

In this course we help delegates to understand the difference between Personas, Segments and Personalisation.  We also get them to explore how different types of people can need very different things from an organisation.

Using examples from other organisation and interactive exercises we teach your team how to use personas to design and deliver interactions to meet the needs of different types of customer.

Finnaly we will work with the team to help them create Personas of their customers that they can begin to use in their day-to-day work.

Delivering CX change

We help staff understand why changing the Customer Experience can be difficult to achieve.  Our hands on Stakeholder Management exercise provides a real demonstration of the importance of stakeholder management for most CX and Mapping projects.

We provide a programme blue-print that shows how techniques including  Personas, Customer Journey Mapping, Service Design, Programme Management and Continuous Improvement can be combined to deliver a roadmap to success.

Finally using one real world challenge your organisation faces we get the teams to develop a project plan that will allow them to understand the As Is Customer Experience, design an improved service experience, prototype and test changes, measure impact and roll-out the successful implementation.

Service Design

In this course we help delegates to understand the overlaps between Customer Journey Mapping and Service Design. We help them understand how design principles and approaches like the ‘Double Diamond design model’ can be applied to real world problems.

Looking at one aspect of your own business we use the Kano mode to explore underlying behaviour that determines how customers’ value different aspects of services and physical products. We also look at Service Blueprints as a technique for creating a detailed plan of a new service.

During the last part of the day we then work as a group to apply a service design approach to your business and to develop a new or improved service.