Customer Journey mapping

Best known for our Customer Journey Mapping expertise we are specialists in this aspect of CX management.

We have helped large and small Clients from a wide range of sectors to map their customer journeys.  For some we focus on a single journey, for others we have mapped all possible journeys made by many different types of customers, through all channels.

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Face-to-face and remote mapping

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What you can rely on us for

Experienced mapping specialists.  The single most important ingredient for any mapping project is the capability of the consultants who lead the project.  We have a large team of highly experienced CX designers and mapping facilitators.  These are individuals who have the gravitas to challenge and the experience to know what works and what doesn’t.  As well as having deep journey mapping experience our team also bring a range of functional specialities including contact centre management, customer research, digital and customer communications.  We match the right skills to your project to make sure you get the best result.

Competitive pricing.  Because we have so much experience we know precisely how much effort it will take to produce the result you want.  We work smarter and have transparent pricing; for example, we always suggest alternative options so together, with our clients, we can find the most cost-effective way to deliver the right solution.

The right scope.  Key to any mapping project is getting the scope right.  Common pitfalls include trying to boil the ocean, failing to engage all the relevant stakeholders early enough or tackling the hardest problems first.  We work with Clients to agree a scope that maximises success.

Honesty and realistic expectations.  It is important that all stakeholders have a clear picture of what is involved, how long a project will take and what the outcomes will be.  Our core values are honesty and setting realistic expectations.

Maps supported by accurate data.  Journey maps will always be more accurate and carry more weight when they are supported by hard facts.  We can help Clients identify what data will be most useful and to collate it from across the organisation. This can include call stats, web analytics, survey and research results, sales data and more.

In-depth customer research. Frequently we will identify critical gaps in customer insight and conduct new database analysis or in-depth qualitative research and an integral part of a journey mapping exercise.

Effective internal, cross-functional teams. Clients typically lean on us to help them pull together a cross-functional team from across their organisation to capture the As Is journey and to design the To Be journey.  We use our extensive experience to identify the right people, pre-brief them (and their line managers) and manage them throughout the project so they are fully engaged and supportive of the project.

On the job knowledge transfer and training. Most organisations want their team to be upskilled during a mapping project so they can continue the work without external support.  As standard we work with the Client team to transfer knowledge and support them to take a hands-on leadership role.  We can also augment this with formal training as required.

High quality map design.  There can be multiple outputs from a mapping project; detailed maps for front line teams responsible for implementing the change, simplified maps designed for internal communications and high-level dashboards for senior leadership teams.  Our designers can produce maps for all of these uses and supply them as large format print or soft copy.