CJC wins L&Q customer journey research

Customer Journey Consultancy is delighted to have won a sizable piece of business from L&Q (London and Quadrant) , the UK’s largest Housing Association.

L&Q takes customer experience and customer satisfaction very seriously.  Its benchmarking activities show that L&Q performs very well compared with other housing associations for customer satisfaction with the service it provides.

However the legislative and funding landscape in which London and Quadrant operates is changing rapidly and the subsidies it gets from government are reducing.  As a result L&Q, a registered charity, is having to change its service model.  To close the funding gap it is gradually reducing the discount it offers compared to commercial rents and allocating a growing proportion of its new housing to shared ownership and private rental schemes.

It is the reported satisfaction levels from these new, growing customer segments that are worrying L&Q.  These customers are significantly less satisfied than traditional social housing tenants.  In the first instance L&Q has asked CJC to help it understand what is causing that lower satisfaction and what L&Q can do about it. CJC will be using a mix of techniques including ethnographic research (one-to-one interviews in tenants homes), internal workshops to brainstorm changes to the existing service and focus groups to validate those ideas and develop new ones with customers.

Martin Wright, Managing Director of Customer Journey Consultancy said:

“We are delighted to be working with L&Q on this important initiative.  In common with many businesses that are experiencing fundamental change L&Q needs to review if long established practices are still fit for purpose.  It will also be fascinating to learn if the practice of benchmarking its self again other Housing Associations is helping L&Q or in fact leading it into position where its service delivery is increasingly divorced from changing customer expectations.”