Could your CX do with a health check?

All the CX professionals we meet tell us it is difficult to turn CX insight into change that delivers tangible business benefit.

Of course there can be many different reasons why CX work is not producing results as fast as it could.  Barriers we have seen recently include:

  • Picking the wrong battles
  • Not using the low cost techniques that help you regularly bring forward new examples of small failures that combine to create damaging failure of service
  • Difficulty getting other functions to engage with CX change initiatives
  • Unrealistic expectations of the role of a CX team
  • Lack of measurable results from change
  • Failure to turn a journey mapping project into an ongoing programme of insight, design, test and review
  • Lack of a clear CX strategy and roadmap

If you feel your organisation is struggling with any of these problems then I hope you take comfort in the knowledge that you are not alone.  But more importantly you should know that it is possible to identify and overcome these issues to increase the impact CX has.

Often the most important step is to get an independent perspective.  People inside the machine can struggle to spot the problems or to be heard.  An independent eye is generally better at spotting problems, can support observations with best practice and examples from other organisations and an independent voice can carry more weight.

Sometimes we can help just by spending a half day talking through a team’s actions and plans.  In other instances we conduct larger reviews or add specialist, expert resource to help deliver a project that has got stuck or that is in danger of wandering off course.

Here are some examples of how we have helped organisation move their CX forward to the next level:

  • For a major Utilities provider we developed an MI strategy and a programme to capture and report KPIs that were more closely aligned to core business strategy
  • For a mobile phone provider we developed a programme that turned their mapping projects into an ongoing cycle of review. This has helped them build momentum and keep CX insights front-of-mind
  • For an Emergency Repairs organisation we conducted a full audit.  In it we showed why CX change had slowed, defined how CX progress could help them deliver their strategic goal, and developed a 3-year roadmap to deliver that ambition.
  • For a B2B retailer we identified why their ecommerce platform was failing to deliver the expected revenues and developed a channel migration plan.
  • We helped a housing provider harness CX practice to improve the usability of their digital self-service platform.

If you’d like to chat about your CX work over a coffee please do not hesitate to contact me.  I’m happy to share ideas and, if appropriate, to show how we can help you move your CX to the next stage.