Customer Experience: Missing a Trick?

The majority of customer experience (or ‘CX’) agencies focussed on solving business problems are only doing half the job. Quite rightly, they pay attention to customer needs and preferences when trying to design positive interactions, with online experience at the forefront of their thinking. Unfortunately they overlook two key factors:

  1. Customers experience services over time and across a range of channels. All touch-points must be aligned in terms of their service ambition and delivery.
  2. Interactions have to work as well for service providers as they do for customers. Solutions must reflect the needs of employees if they are to avoid rapid degradation following the proliferation of work-rounds.

In the past, most methodologies used employees to define the desired future service quality and process efficiency and then analyse the gap with the current reality. Customers weren’t involved; Clients thought they knew their customers.

More recently, people have involved customers more directly, via surveys and focus groups and by using feedback from techniques such as shadowing and observation. Clients have begun to listen to their customers more carefully.

However, very few approaches combine the customer experience with the service provider experience in order to create a sustainable and desirable outcome that reduces the effort for both parties.

Our business is built around two distinct areas of focus; customers and employees. We gather insights and ideas from both groups and blend them to unlock solutions that are desirable and deliverable. Our principles and approach are simple and pragmatic – they work.

Please contact Martin Wright or Stephen Grey to discuss customer experience or employee experience.