CX and public sector organisations

Much academic research focuses on corporates and given our extensive work in Social Housing it was nice to read McKinsey’s recent research with 20,000 people in seven countries (US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Mexico and Dubai) using some 140 different public sector services.

The research found that for every organisation sampled improved CX has a quantifiable impact on a wide range of customer perceptions. For example satisfied customers are:

  • 9 x more likely to trust the organisation
  • 9 x more likely to agree that the organisation is achieving its mission
  • Half as likely to contact the organisation for help
  • Half as likely to express dissatisfaction publicly

The study also showed the strong link between customer satisfaction and employee morale.

Impact of CX on the Public Sector

One final finding that jumped out at me, and that very much supports our own work is that reliability and simplicity are the two most important drivers of customer satisfaction, coming above speed of delivery in all countries, including the UK.

Drivers of CX in Public Sector services

The common feedback from customers that its “too slow” tends to be more of a indication of poor expectations management (regarding reliability and transparency) than actual speed. For example, people raising a repair tend to care less about the repair being started quickly than about knowing (and trusting) when it will be completed so that they can plan accordingly.

I’m sure much of this will chime with your own experiences but in the fight for funding and organisational focus it can be very useful to be able to cite larger studies like this.

You can read the original article here.