Get more from your customer insight – 3. Think cross functionally

How often have you seen valuable research gathering dust; wasted and ignored? Insights capable of helping a company become fitter, more popular and richer crowded out by today’s urgent demands?

In this multi-channel, fast moving and competitive world understanding customers better has never been more important.

Here are is the third way we help companies fully exploit the value locked in this rich resource.

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 Think cross functionally

Too often customer insight is commissioned by marketing for marketing. The modern marketing department however needs to think about more than just communications. Increasingly their job is to help every function understand prospects’ and customers’ end-to-end experiences and to ensure change initiatives balance both customer and business needs.

Customers, after all, are the only group to experience all touch-points and the output of the entire organisation.

Customer research needs to be framed with this in mind. It should aim to generate findings with implications beyond marketing and so these functions need to be involved early. Their questions and insights should be incorporated and their concerns addressed.

As multi-channel customer journey experts much of what we do is concerned with helping companies break down functional silos and to build alignment. Only in this way can we ensure customers’ needs and concerns are met; irrespective of which parts of the organisation they impact.