Innovation and CX – Ensuring your Customer Journeys are fit for tomorrow

Have you done anything to formerly link Innovation and CX?  I was chatting to the nice people at Nationwide earlier and was interested in their take.

Nationwide have an active and well funded innovation team that the CX team have worked hard to build close links with.  They see the resources and  expertise of the Innovation team as critical to the continual evolution of their customer journeys.  Indeed their head of CX said, (and I paraphrase):

“If a company doesn’t have an Innovation function the CX team needs to set one up.”

Do you agree?  Add your voice below.

If you want to see first-hand how Nationwide use Innovation and go about designing Customer Journeys then join us and a small group of CX professionals from BP, SKY, Heathrow, Wessex Water, HomeServe and others on June 30th 2017.  Find out more and book your place here.

View Nationwide’s virtual tour of their latest Innovation Exhibition here.

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Nationwide's Innovation web site
For Nationwide, Innovation is critical to ensure Customer Journeys remain relevant.