Making it easy for customers to change

Well done Payments Council for using a researched base approach to changing customer behaviour.

Their new Simpler Worlds service to help consumers switch banks is a huge first step. Let’s hope they have well designed customer journeys in place to support the end to end process.

Their research (if it’s needed) is yet another confirmation that making it easy for customers really is the best way to change behaviour (see our article on Customer Effort). However banks are not the only organisations who have struggled to get customers to move suppliers, or indeed to use a different channel.

Our work with AXA Wealth revealed many of the classic traps companies fall into as they try to migrate customer service away from expensive face-to-face and telephone based services to digital alternatives. For an advance copy of our white paper ‘Customer Journey driving digital transformation’ email [email protected] or speak to Martin Wright on 0845 83 82 159