Pragmatic management = transferable skills

Management isn’t a promotion; its a profession. Recognising this leads to acknowledgement that (proven) management skills and experience are transferable rather than confined to sector-specific recruitment. Of course, some sectors do require very specific knowledge, experience or qualification but, in the majority of cases, expertise, attitude and achievement provide a better indication of potential value. Proven management skills are transferable.

We offer a range of services to help our clients to progress or to achieve their service ambitions. In doing so we encounter a number of sometimes complex challenges but the most frequent challenge rests in re-focussing existing managers, many of whom have lost their way or lost the kind of energy and confidence that led to their appointment in the first place. This is easily done as they wrestle to balance a demanding personal workload with accountability for team performance. Some have been thrown in at the deep end but many more have been trained and then just left to get on with it. Some seem to have been given the the title to cover the delegation of more work to them.

The truth is that managers need more than training in order to succeed. They need on-going support and guidance in order to apply what they have learned to the changing circumstances of their world. They need direction, encouragement and a clear mandate. They need patience if things go wrong and recognition when things go well. They need phased responsibility and the authority to act. Good practice needs to be encouraged and reinforced.

As customers ourselves, we often experience bad service in shops, restaurants or at the hands of businesses we have to deal with to benefit from the supply of utilities, communications or financial services. Inevitably, the root causes are businesses failing to train people properly; to explain the moments of truth, to apply common sense and to remain focussed on business goals whatever the challenges.

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