Sobering CX research yesterday from Econsultancy

We have seen huge strides made to improve the customer experience but research published by Econsultancy yesterday shows how far most companies have to go:

  • Only 1/3rd of Clients say CX is a collaborative process,
  • 40% say each department has its own Agenda,
  • Just 6% say they have now proven the tangible business benefits from CX,
  • 55% use customer journey measures that are at best partial but that frequently mislead,
  • Mid-sized companies say their biggest challenge is a lack of an overall CX strategy,
  • 81% say they fail to meet customer experience expectations or only meet them sometimes.

The good thing is that there is an increasing pool of expertise and directly relevant experience for Companies to call upon.  For example for our Clients we have:

  • Developed CX strategies to help them work toward world class customer experiences
  • Shown the impact of improved CX and retention and lifetime value to ensure appropriate levels of investment can be made
  • Mapped multi-channel customer journeys using inputs from a mix of quantitative and qualitative research, UX, internal workshops, mystery shopping and accompanied visits.
  • Trained companies on how to successfully map customer journeys
  • Helped build and worked with cross functional teams to improve collaboration
  • Developed internal communications to help build cross functional alignment behind a single CX vision.
  • Identified the new behaviours customer facing teams need to develop to improve empathy and engagement
  • And developed and delivered training and coaching programmes to embed those behaviours

If you share any of the issues that Econsultancy have identified and would like to explore what we have found to be the best way to make tangible progress with these issues then please contact us.  We are happy to discuss your unique business challenges and to share our relevant experience from working with Clients like SKY, National Trust, AXA, Stannah, Wolseley, HomeServe, L&Q Housing Association, BUPA and more.