The Power of Slippers

You never know what you’ll learn when you spend time networking with fellow CX professionals in an informal environment.  It’s often surprising and almost always valuable.

At one of our recent networking events for CX professionals, Nationwide revealed the power of slippers to get colleagues to step out of their corporate mindset and into their customers’ shoes.  Making it easier for them to understand what their customers’ feel when they interact with the organisation.

What will you learn by networking with fellow CX professionals?
The power of slippers

Nationwide have built (on a shoestring) a customer house away from HQ.  Here staff come to do all their customer journey mapping and design work.  But the extra bit of magic is that they all take of their shoes as they enter the house and put on slippers.  They then physically walk through a particular journey, putting their shoes back on and walking down the corridor to the mocked up ‘branch’ if the journey requires it and so on.

The slippers are a literal, as well as a symbolic step into a different persona.  For Nationwide it works wonders.

Read the the full report from the 3rd CX Best Practice Exchange, hosted by Nationwide.

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