Remote learning – does it work?

During these exceptional times many organisations are taking the opportunity to provide staff training remotely; but can training via Zoom or Teams really work? We continue to deliver training on a wide range of topics, albeit remotely.  These include Customer Experience theory and techniques, how to run a Customer Journey mapping workshop and how to… Read More

Really useful CX resources

When we’re not doing all things CX, UX and Customer Journey Mapping we continue to add articles and useful resources to this website.  I thought I’d highlight just a few of the most popular items here.  Do read, download or bookmark them and let me know what you think.

Great Expectations

Is it time you took a closer look at how well your organisation sets customer expectations? We all know that customer satisfaction equals performance minus expectation* (S = P-E) but when was the last time you took a detailed look at how well your organisation sets expectations? We were lucky enough to do that very… Read More

CX and public sector organisations

Much academic research focuses on corporates and given our extensive work in Social Housing it was nice to read McKinsey’s recent research with 20,000 people in seven countries (US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Mexico and Dubai) using some 140 different public sector services. The research found that for every organisation sampled improved CX has a… Read More

Digital Exclusion – Digital Self Service

Should digital exclusion change your digital transformation plans? Social Housing organisations considering a move towards digital self-service may worry about digital exclusion.  Few valid email addresses, low take up of digital services and an older customer profile can all set alarm bells ringing. Some Clients estimate that 40% or more of their customers may not… Read More